Wednesday, December 10, 2008

room to breathe

the bathroom

i love the dark pink walls. the color is romantic and nostalgic and spirited. and all that white makes everything look crisp and clean. i like that there is a substantial amount of space and that the floors are a darkish moody wood. simple and functional, but incredibly charming. 

the kitchen

this kitchen looks so if many many meals have certainly been cooked in it. it's homey, not at all sterile, but still organized and uncluttered. it's so beautifully bright and modest and tidy and wholesome.
from flickr

the writing room

this is very much the kind of space i would like to write in. a large window open and glowing with the world. inspiring, textured details-the floral wallpaper, the lush velvet curtains, the spinning globe... enough space to move about in, to have a large bookshelf, to have the luxury of two! desks. the color contrasts are unexpectedly perfect too. the warm rose and mustard hues and then that cool and vivid dark turquoise.

the bedroom

it's hard to even talk about this room, i'm so completely taken with it. all that light, the high ceiling, that inviting straightforward bed. the room is actually quite bare, but the essentials are exactly right. i could sleep forever in this room. and read and daydream and love and listen to music and watch the garden and the shifting rays of light all day long.
from flickr, anna linder, tone dale mountain bedroom

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Anonymous said...

I love each and every one of these rooms...maybe one day we will actually live in something close to that...then we'll visit each other!!

Excellent blog!!! finally!