Saturday, December 6, 2008


priscilla 1969 by joseph szabo

candy cigarette, 1989 by sally mann

mary ellen mark 

i used to 'smoke' candy cigarettes when i was a kid. and yes i will admit i thought i was cool for doing it. i liked the puff-puff-blow action. i liked the way the thing looked in between my little fingers. i did it privately. away from the other kids and definitely away from my older brother. i knew they weren't real. i knew they were made from sugar. but i liked keeping to myself when i did my 'smoking'. i never did turn into a real smoker. i like these photos simply as images. i am not looking at them through a moral lens. everyone knows smoking is bad for you. especially for growing, developing kids. i just find photos of very young girls smoking real or unreal cigarettes visually captivating, particularly these ones. i like the grotesqueness and the absurdity. i like the mix of innocence and defiance. i like damaged pretty things. i like thinking that there might be a tiny 'fuck you' in the puff-puff-blowing breath of each girl. 


Anna Kassoway said...
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Anna said...

mary ellen mark

You rule femme. Youre putting stuff out there.

Jesse said...

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