Sunday, December 7, 2008

sweet home

i'm interested in town names. i imagine that in some way the name of where we live imbues our daily existence with a very real but perhaps unexplainable sensibility... that just like the color of the dirt and the shape of the roads and the pitch of the winds, a name creates an exact scenery that has unexamined (maybe) but deep implications on who we are and what we might become.
here are some USA town names i found and appreciated, or just wondered about:

 marrowbone, tennessee
valentine, nebraska
little heaven, delaware
defiance, arkansas
colts neck, new jersey
romance, w. virginia
cat elbow corner, new york
sweet home, oregon
truth or consequences, new mexico
last chance, california
dime box, texas

i think my favorite might be sweet home, oregon. you kinda can't beat a name like that to belong to. interestingly, i discovered in my little investigation that there are quite a few towns across the USA called defiance and dogtown. 

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