Sunday, December 6, 2009

outlaws & revolutionaries

faye dunaway as bonnie parker, image via los angeles times

patty hearst, image via game revolution

i love that the beret is somehow the hat worn by bad asses.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nature of the beast

idiots' lion, 'ophelia'

i'm absolutely awed by these artists and the force of their imaginations. and it may seem impossible to some, but i believe that a deep love and appreciation of animals comes through in each of these exhibits— a keen sense of animals' vulnerability, magnificence, and character. to my knowledge most taxidermy artists use animals donated by vets or owners— animals that succumbed to unpreventable deaths, or animals that were found (roadkill). these creations are provocative, a bit unnerving, quite mesmerizing, and they demand that we consider animals in a new way, a way that hopefully allows us to see what we usually overlook— the details of their originality, purity, and integrity. and hopefully it reminds us how desperately we need them to occupy this world with us, to remind us of all the things we might forget, and to continue to inspire the bigness of our love and imagination.

Monday, October 26, 2009

tea time

alice at the mad hatter's tea party by john tenniel, via gayleroberts blog

image via venusnaturalis

chelsea green lewyta "swan tea party" print, image via redbubble

i want to go to a tea party— a child's tea party. where there will be plump-bellied teddy bears and stiff-necked dolls sitting across from me at the too small table, and maybe the family dog will be there too, gussied up in a bow-tie, waiting patiently for a few crumbs to fall his way. i will arrive dressed up and full of imagination. i will wear a full-skirted garden dress and shake the paws of teddy bears and shake the little hands of each doll staring at me with forever-wide eyes, and i will say, "pleased to meet you mr. oscar" and "oh, how do you do, ms. dotty ?" and then i will sit down carefully and make polite conversation and daintily eat scones smeared with jam and cream and sip tea without slurping.
...i think that would be a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

animal origins

"the pearl necklace" by charlotte cory, image found at michael coulson

drawing of bear lady with ribbon by oh my cavalier!

illustration by lou beach for the new york times, 2006

lithograph from 1847 edition of "the public and private life of animals" by j.j. grandville

photo from prada lookbook

best bunnies collage found at dollface design

Anthropomorphism— creepy, captivating and something i am completely obsessed with, particularly when considering it's possibilities, both visually and as a storytelling device. it forces us (meaning human beings) to consider ourselves in an almost carnival fun-house mirror context...where there are truths and there are fictions, but the truths are disturbing and elusive, unforgiving and repetitious...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a sense of shadows

images via vivat veritas

the fall 2009 lyell lookbook— well, i just think it's styled beautifully and the right wide-eyed puffy-lipped model was chosen and i like the almost gothic-like quality of it all... there is the feeling of glamour and decadence, but also a hint of decay and darkness— a sense of brooding, a sense of shadows

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

etsy finds!!!

moss terrariums at greenbriar's shop

pig and tiger print by nicole j. georges at spinster summer's shop

general electric alarm clock at hindvik's shop

"children in paris" collage cards at storiesdivination's shop

1960's marble horse head bookends at uncommoneye's shop

la petite belle

lea seydoux— i think she is adorable. clean-scrubbed, bare-faced, almost kid-like. but still a bit tousled, still a bit sexy looking. my favorite kind of girl.

your enemy's arrows

image via sky gellatly

image via the china arts page

artist: cai guo qiang
exhibit: "i want to believe"
what i think: haunting, overt, bombastic, remarkable

Sunday, September 27, 2009

baggage claim

photo found at apartment therapy

photo found at pointclickhome

photo found on

photo found on m.bibelot's flickr

there is no romance in new luggage. there is no story there— no smell, no dings, no mystery, no adventure. an old battered suitcase says so much. it speaks of damage and dignity, exploration and release, substance and whimsy.
not all things should be replaced, not all things should be upgraded to brand-spanking-new.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

unsupported transit

image from croatian wikipedia

animated sequence of "daisy" galloping, by eadweard j. muybridge— an english photographer in the late 1800's who pioneered the development of photographic sequences of moving objects.
in the 1870's muybridge took it upon himself to answer the question of whether or not a horse's hooves leave the ground all at the same time during a gallop. it was proved that they do— it's called "unsupported transit".
he used 12 stereoscopic cameras, taking pictures at one thousandth of a second to prove this fact.
i love the question. i love the experiment. i love the proof. i love the term, "unsupported transit".
i think this sequence of "daisy" is intoxicating and eerie and ghostlike. i like how the man is dressed. i like their echoing shadows. I like how repetitious and fervent and exacting the whole thing is.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

still-sweet sadness

brigitte bardot

vanessa paradis


these images make me think of the last stretch of summer— the languishing afternoons of long shadows and dappled light, the hazy glow of warm sun and still air... there is the feeling of slowness, and heat...there is a longing and an ache, a still-sweet sadness.

the good girl

all of these pieces are crisp and prim, well-cut and polished. they are oh-so-very lady-like, and oh-so-very discreet. and i like that— i like that they aren't trying too hard to be tough or unconventional or brazen, instead they are quietly communicating through their playful but simple details a level of femininity and sophistication that i find incredibly refreshing. and i like very much that these pieces clearly want to celebrate the female form— the pinch of the waist, the slope of shoulders, the rise of the neck. because really, it is lovely to be a girl.
(all of these clothes can be found on modcloth)

Monday, August 24, 2009

etsy finds!!!

shawl collar swing coat at metrode's shop

pinstriped rabbit art doll at oh my cavalier's shop

madrid chair at reclaim the throne's shop

pyramid pendant gold necklace at michelle chang's jewelry shop

pencil case at little tea party's shop

the right side of the bed

all images from house to home

right now i really want to figure out what my perfect bedroom would look like. i'm into light colored bedding in cream, or beige or white, uncluttered space, naturalistic accents, battered items alongside the brand new, and a few well-chosen bits of color. i want simplicity and efficiency and comfort. i want ease and tranquility and traces of nostalgia. i wouldn't mind one of these rooms...