Friday, December 5, 2008

pretty bones

this is a skeleton of a horse. i've always been fascinated by animal bones. as a little kid i used to save them if i came across them. and in high school my best friend and i would hunt for them in the valleys and ditches of our adolescent landscape, hoping to find the jackpot-an intact skull. my best friend would paint on any and all of the bones we found. i did nothing with them. I just liked looking for them. i think it's because i'm preoccupied with what is existent but unseen. bones lie underneath- alive, mobile, and necessary beneath layers of skin and muscle, but it's only in death that we can see them whole and exposed, gloriously bleached and naked. they are somehow emblematic to me of all the quiet revelations that are constantly occurring, day to day, minute to minute, straightforward and ordinary, but still profound and overwhelming. 

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