Saturday, December 13, 2008

i love lucy...

so basically i'm pretty obsessed with 'i love lucy'. i mean, how good is lucille ball? she's amazing. her and ethel are so absurd and hilarious. they are always sneaking around and goofing things up. they are perfectly wonky. and it's so great how they are supposed to be these pulled together prim housewives but they just can't be that, they have to be out-of-control jokesters...they can't get away from themselves...even though lucy is always making promises to her husband to not get into trouble, there is just no way that is gonna happen. i love these kinds of characters- the bumbler, the trickster, the oddball, the buffoon. they get me every time. this particular clip from 'i love lucy' makes my stomach hurt from cracking up so hard. imagine having a mom like lucy. or a sister or a best friend. how awesome would that be?

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