Sunday, October 31, 2010

the untouchables

“Mexican American female gang” (c. 1942), Los Angeles Daily News, Calisphere.
(image via latinahistories)

i think the look of these kids is too cool...their whole deal is kinda untouchable. particularly the one sitting in front, the one with her chin tilted. the pretty one. but also the tough one. she looks like she isn't fucking around.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


madeleine au bois d'amour, by emile bernard

i went to the de young museum today to see the post-impressionist masterpieces brought in from the musee d'orsay. though it was pouring rain and cold, i had a belly full of french toast and was ready to spend the whole day checking out art. there were lots of amazing pieces, but this one kinda killed me. I sat down on the bench in front of it and decided to not move for a bit. I just wanted to keep looking at it. the museum was crowded and people kept filing past, some of them stopping for a bit to look at "madeleine", some not stopping at all. i just kept looking... i'm taken with the colors... the vertical darkness of the trees, the bright band of greenery, the shadowed water, that long stiff flattened body of the girl, her pale ankles, the big hand at her waist, that far-away look on her face...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

child's play

i could watch these for days. there are a ton of them. i turn into a kid in front of them...that sleepy kid, that kind of spaced out kid that hasn't quite woken up yet and is allowed to watch sunday morning cartoons while mom fixes up breakfast... that kid whose hair is ratty and tangled all the way up from the nape of the neck to the crown of the head...that kid who is sitting too close to the tv and any noise or light or motion not coming from it just comes and goes completely unregistered. this is all it takes to get me into that 6 year old stupor-bliss.