Wednesday, January 7, 2009

all the right words

kenzo minami posing near his print at the second annual live art auction 
benefiting stoked mentoring held at milk gallery on april 5, 2008 in new york
photo by astrid stawiarz/getty images

so this guy, kenzo minami, had the best new year's resolution i've ever heard. usually they suck and sound worn-out and silly. but his resolution is simple and composed, thoughtful and alive. maybe his statement is what we are all actually thinking and trying to say, what we all actually want, but we just don't quite know how to articulate it right—that maybe we all want to live bigger and deeper and wider lives... and that what we've got to remember is that even the little choices we make every day have force and value in determining the possibilities of our experience. 
mr. kenzo minami has got all the right words:

this year if i have two choices between something familiar and something new (something i have never done, chosen, or tasted), i would like to choose the latter and step out of my comfort zone as much and as often as possible next year. something foreign over familiar, something unknown over known, and something new over something old and comfortable.

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