Saturday, January 3, 2009

lists and list-makers

i really like lists. i like writing them out. i like the way they look. item after item down a piece of paper. i like putting a thick sharp line through the things i've accomplished- methodically, triumphantly. i hate not crossing off things. i feel little flashes of love for my lists, but mostly i'm competitive with them. it's other people's lists that i can love more readily. particularly when i find them... those lost bits of someone's life—in grocery store aisles, school hallways, taxicabs... and i wonder about those people. i examine the paper and the handwriting. pen or pencil. what to buy. who to call. what to get done. and i think perhaps i know a little something about them just by what's on their lists...a professor of mine always has a million lists on his desk, in varying styles of handwriting, on various scraps of paper. the funny thing is, he always seems a bit unorganized, ruffled, disheveled...a bit caught off guard... but he is obviously a dedicated list maker, i like that. i like the incongruity of it. anyway i have the feeling his lists are more 'idea' lists and less 'getting stuff done' lists. and those are the coolest kind of lists. 

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