Friday, October 16, 2009

animal origins

"the pearl necklace" by charlotte cory, image found at michael coulson

drawing of bear lady with ribbon by oh my cavalier!

illustration by lou beach for the new york times, 2006

lithograph from 1847 edition of "the public and private life of animals" by j.j. grandville

photo from prada lookbook

best bunnies collage found at dollface design

Anthropomorphism— creepy, captivating and something i am completely obsessed with, particularly when considering it's possibilities, both visually and as a storytelling device. it forces us (meaning human beings) to consider ourselves in an almost carnival fun-house mirror context...where there are truths and there are fictions, but the truths are disturbing and elusive, unforgiving and repetitious...


Anonymous said...

a series of work I did a little while ago, thought it might be of some interest.

A. said...

hey quickjadefox!
i checked out your australian animal series... i'm absolutely taken with it. i particulary love the image of the tasmanian gorgeous. thanks for sharing and thanks for checking out my blog!
- A. from milk teeth

dazed said...

oh man, all of these are amazing.