Monday, October 26, 2009

tea time

alice at the mad hatter's tea party by john tenniel, via gayleroberts blog

image via venusnaturalis

chelsea green lewyta "swan tea party" print, image via redbubble

i want to go to a tea party— a child's tea party. where there will be plump-bellied teddy bears and stiff-necked dolls sitting across from me at the too small table, and maybe the family dog will be there too, gussied up in a bow-tie, waiting patiently for a few crumbs to fall his way. i will arrive dressed up and full of imagination. i will wear a full-skirted garden dress and shake the paws of teddy bears and shake the little hands of each doll staring at me with forever-wide eyes, and i will say, "pleased to meet you mr. oscar" and "oh, how do you do, ms. dotty ?" and then i will sit down carefully and make polite conversation and daintily eat scones smeared with jam and cream and sip tea without slurping.
...i think that would be a pretty amazing way to spend an afternoon.

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