Thursday, September 10, 2009

unsupported transit

image from croatian wikipedia

animated sequence of "daisy" galloping, by eadweard j. muybridge— an english photographer in the late 1800's who pioneered the development of photographic sequences of moving objects.
in the 1870's muybridge took it upon himself to answer the question of whether or not a horse's hooves leave the ground all at the same time during a gallop. it was proved that they do— it's called "unsupported transit".
he used 12 stereoscopic cameras, taking pictures at one thousandth of a second to prove this fact.
i love the question. i love the experiment. i love the proof. i love the term, "unsupported transit".
i think this sequence of "daisy" is intoxicating and eerie and ghostlike. i like how the man is dressed. i like their echoing shadows. I like how repetitious and fervent and exacting the whole thing is.

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