Monday, April 18, 2011

a kind of fever

i have this feeling inside— a kind of fever. a spring fever, i guess. nostalgia is mixed in there too, not for something i've ever had, but for something i haven't. i keep getting flashes of my mother's youth... the 60's, the 70's... i see her so vividly, my imagination and memory hard at work. i'm scared i'm not living as full as she did. i'm scared all the good stuff just goes away, so quickly, so easily. but there is this wild little fever beginning to burn inside of me, reminding me i'm still young and there is still so much up ahead.

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Anonymous said...

hold on to that fever..that burning desire.. because even though that inner fire actually NEVER fades (unless you let it), no matter how old you are... now, i the height of YOUR youth, is the time to live it high!! (miss our talks)