Monday, March 21, 2011

a single dose is all it takes

keira knightley
(image via posh 24)

claudia schiffer
(image via rdujour)

kate moss
(image via mystic medusa)

elle macpherson
(image via rdujour)

All of these women have tapped into something pretty simple— a single spectacular dose of leopard print can make all the difference. The print brings an instant cool factor to pretty much any outfit, taking someone from plain Jane territory into the realm of rebels, sex kittens, trailblazers, class acts, and bon vivants. It's not for the faint of heart or shrinking violets, it's for those who want to cut a wide swath for themselves and know how to keep their cool along the way.


V said...

Kate can do no wrong, Kiera is frustratingly chic, and Elle (minus the scary scarf) is rocking the over 40 look. But I don't think the leopard print saves Claudia from the bland hairstyle and blazer combo.

V said...

Sorry, that came out a little harsh- I was just throwing in my two cents- thanks for compiling the pix. :)

nikkigrattan said...

haha, no I love how forthcoming you are!!