Sunday, February 6, 2011

rave on!

(image via the citrus report)

rehearsing at the Trocadero, 1958
(image via

buddy holly and waylon jennings in a photobooth at new york's central station, jan 23, 1959
(image via witlox's flickr)

charles hardin holley, better known as buddy holly, was only 22 when he died. it's almost painful to imagine where his life would have taken him if he hadn't gotten on that plane. the things he would have done...but still, despite being so young, he somehow managed to leave so much behind. rock n' roll just wouldn't be the same without him...and man, did the kid have style...


Camelopardalis said...

he could be a hipster from 2011 with his clothes - but he's the original! <3

A. said...

pretty much as original as it gets!