Monday, January 24, 2011

man about town

i found this video at loose leaf tigers and was totally awed by how beautiful it is. i love the song, the styling (particularly his turquoise socks), and how perfectly it captures the spirit of individuality and creativity...and what it is like to be in the moment of doing what you love...the silence, the focus, the freedom from "the outside world" that overcomes you.
rodney mullen i guess basically invented this sort of freestyle skating, and he seems like a pretty amazing dude. I watched some youtube footage of him skating and some could check him out here and here.
the kid in this video is killian martin...obviously tipping his hat to mr. mullen.


Camelopardalis said...

thanks for refollowing <3

this is awesome, the whole concept. the music, his clothes and what he does.

Jean Scott said...

i lovee this its so beautiful!

"Pink Bear" said...

This may sound really sarcastic, but your blog makes me want to be a better person. Not sure how it does it but everything you post is just beautiful.
Thank you.