Sunday, July 11, 2010

lucky teeth

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lara stone
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ashley smith
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dents du bonheur— it means "lucky teeth". I read that's what the french call gap teeth. i agree. i really really like them. i think they somehow open up a face, make it brighter, more vulnerable, more honest. i think it looks incredibly sexy too. since the middle ages it has been assumed that women with gap teeth are wanton and lustful... maybe because there is an inherit boldness in imperfection. it's easier to fit in. it's easier to close the gap. but i think the open space between two front teeth should be kept as is, honored and celebrated.


Isabella said...

I have a gap in my front teeth which i was certain on getting fixed. But after reading this i love my gap, i am embracing it and now it shall forever remain.

Bradley Bedell said...

Well, if that's what you are contented with, then why not? Beauty takes many forms, and it is all a matter of perspective. Some may find gap teeth attractive, while others find it less tasteful than a perfectly aligned set. What matters is your own personal happiness. Do you have gap teeth?

Bradley Bedell