Friday, January 22, 2010

a floral anthology

ranunculus, image via oh for heaven cakes

dahlias, image via hawkfire

peony, image via mooseyscountrygarden

rhododendrons, image via mooseyscountrygarden

i have loved the dahlia and the rhododendron for a long while now, since i was a child— they covered the hills and gardens of the misty mountain town i spent a good deal of my youth in. my love for the peony and the ranunculus came later, just in the last few years— i see them cut, trimmed of most their leaves, and standing in water in flower shop windows as i walk by, on my way to work or running errands, and they always catch me a bit off guard. i don't love them as i do dahlias and rhododendrons, i can't— they're not imbued with that special savagery and freedom of my childhood, all those rambling and raucous hours that would drift into the i love them differently, with less nostalgia, but still somehow with the same spirit.

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