Saturday, April 4, 2009


twiggy: i like her freckles and biggish ears. i like that she looked at once like a  zombie, a schoolboy, a raccoon,  and a music-box ballerina. I like how tiny and fragile and demure she was, but that there always seemed to be a flinty dare in her eyes. and i like those eyes—so excessive and dramatic. the thick liner and eye-shadow and the fake eyelashes, and all that's too much and i like it. it's as if her eyes never shut, never slept, never blinked, they just stayed wide open in a wispy kind of wonder. it's a good look. 
(if you wanna try it i think mascara is the key ingredient, and here are some i like: maybelline lash stiletto, bare escentuals buxom lash, clinique high definition lashes )

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