Tuesday, March 3, 2009

that running-wild kind of youth

i quite like jonathan leder photographs. most of them anyways. i know they are a bit trendy. perhaps a little too cool. but i like the terrain that some of them speak to... that speedway of running-wild youth, spasming and misspent, glorious and dreamy, pouting and snarling...where it feels like anything might happen, where it feels like nothing happens. those panting moments. those bored, pacing moments. those secret, perverse moments. those sweet green moments. days of dress-up, days of dress-down. days of make-believe and make-up and make-shift and make-over. i think his photographs get these moments and manage to hold onto to something—something alive and young and throbbing. and i like the muted colors and the emptied-out landscapes and the fuzz of light. 

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